KO-No2 OCA Machine


The M-Triangel KO-No2 OCA Machine, also known as the KO NO2 OCA Laminating Machine, is a specialized equipment designed for mobile device screen repairs, particularly for the lamination of OLED and LCD screens.

KO No2 Features:

  • Versatile Lamination: Supports both flat and curved screens up to 9 inches.
  • LCD Touch Control: Allows precise adjustments of pressure and temperature.
  • Quick Efficiency: Laminates in approximately 30 seconds per piece.
  • Pressure Adjustment: Features a switch for easy pressure modification.
  • Consistent Heating: Utilizes constant temperature heating for uniform results.

M-Triangel KO No2 OCA Laminating Machine

The MTriangel KO NO2 OCA Machine is a state-of-the-art tool designed to assist technicians in the lamination of mobile device screens, ensuring high-quality and efficient repairs.

Benefits of the KO-No2 Machine

  • Lamination: The primary function of this machine is to laminate touch screens and displays of mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and bubble-free finish.
  • Advanced Control System: The machine utilizes an advanced LCD touch control system that allows for precise control of pressure and temperature during the lamination process. This ensures optimal glass screen lamination and minimizes bubble generation.
  • Versatility: It supports both flat and curved screen lamination, making it suitable for a wide range of mobile devices. It can handle screens up to 9 inches, accommodating various brands and models.
  • Safety and Efficiency: The KO NO2 is designed to provide a safe and efficient platform for cell phone repairs. It has a one-touch pressure switching function and supports special molds for LCD lamination.
  • Pressure Adjustment: Unlike the KO NO1, the KO NO2 has an adjustment switch on the back of the machine, allowing users to change the pressure as needed.
KO-No2 OCA Machine 3

Specifications of the KO-No.2

  • Power Supply: Optional AC110V/ AC220V
  • Lamination Type: Cylinder pressing for both curved and flat screens
  • Efficiency: 30 seconds per piece
  • Heating Mode: Constant temperature heating
  • Applicable Size: Up to 9 inches LCD/OLED
  • Equipment Size: 300300390 mm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Power: 500W

Additional Information

For optimal operation, it is recommended to use a vacuum pump of no less than 300W and an air compressor of not less than 18 liters. The laminating machine can share one air compressor with a bubble remover machine.

KO-No2 OCA Machine 2

FAQs About KO-NO2

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