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M-Triangel - China Leader Supplier of Machine Manufacture & Assembly

Founded in 2011, M-Triangel a Shenzhen-based leader in the realm of phone repair machinery. ur facility covers more than 55,000 square feet and is home to a team of over 200 professionals, comprising 36 R&D engineers and 42 international sales representatives.

We are certified with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO13485, and offer a comprehensive range of machines such as OCA laminating machines, laser separating machines, LCD separating machines, and bubble removers. Our assembly capacity currently stands at 200,000 units per month.

Additionally, we provide OEM services for OCA and laser machines, phone repair parts, and phone repair training.

M-Triangel is recognized as a top supplier by numerous global companies. In 2013, we established the MT Trading office to expand our overseas business. We are confident that our extensive experience and commitment to service will fully satisfy your needs. Our core values of integrity, value, and innovation are the driving forces behind our success.

M-Triangel Factory

Our Capabilities & Services

M-Triangel is a well-established phone repair manufacturing company from China with years of experience in the industry. We offer the best quality machine to further your business and cater to your customer’s needs. Working with our factory gives you access to vast and highly regarded manufacturing capacity. We boast different aspects that help our company stand out and cater to your business’s needs.

Trade Capability

Export Experience: More than 10 years

Product Capability

Product Line: 4; Output Value: >$100M

OEM Capability

OEM Service: Yes

Focus on Your Core Competencies

Whether you are expanding, enhancing, or initiating a repair business, partnering with M-Triangel TECHNOLOGY enables you to concentrate on your strengths while we supply top-notch machines and training. We have everything you need.
Focus on Your Core Competencies
Complete Industry Supply Chain

Complete Industry Supply Chain

We offer a comprehensive range of products, including OCA machines, laser machines, phone repair tools, and parts, all sourced directly from China at competitive prices.

Engineering Support

Our team of 36 engineers is here to provide support, including MT machine usage instructions, cell phone repair tutorials, and customized solutions and designs for OEM machines.
Engineering Support
Timely Customer Order Status Feedback​

Timely Customer Order Status Feedback​

As a leading turn-key machine assembly manufacturer, M-Triangel Technology Ltd is committed to delivering the highest level of client service in the phone repair industry. Your complete satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are here to fulfill all your needs in the phone repair business.

Why Buy Phone Repair Machines From M-Triangel


To M-Triangel, Dr. Deming’s textbook remark is not a theory, but a practice we have been conducting every single day. We work on the principle that quality comes during the process of manufacturing, not after the fact. Tremendous hard work and resources have been dedicated to the realization of this level, where we don’t have to rely on the final testing for ensuring the quality of our finished products, instead the production process itself will ensure the quality. Below are some of the practices we have adopted persistently:

  • To guarantee a homeostatic production environment and maintain the highest levels of specification and precision, all of our tools and machines are serviced one or more times per day for ensuring they are in the best working condition.
  • Over ten quality control points have been employed throughout the manufacturing process, most of them are stricter than industry standards. Only end products that pass all of these control points are cleared for shipment.

This integrated approach to quality control means that our manufacturing process is the most efficient in the business, saving significant time and cost. That is one of our secrets for producing Grade-A products at Grade-C cost.

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