KO-No1 OCA Machine


The M-Triangel KO-NO1 OCA Machine is a professional tool designed to assist technicians in the lamination of mobile device screens, ensuring efficient and high-quality repairs.

KO No1 Features:

  • Advanced LCD Touch Control System
  • Bubble Reduction
  • Compatibility
  • Compact Design

M-Triangel KO No1 OCA Laminating Machine

The MTriangel KO NO1 Laminating Machine is a high-quality and efficient LCD refurbishment and repair machine designed for mobile device screen repairs. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Benefits of the KO-No1 Machine

  • The primary function of the M-Triangel KO NO1 Laminating Machine is to laminate touch screens and displays of mobile devices.
  • It uses an advanced LCD touch control system, ensuring precise control of pressure and temperature for optimal glass screen lamination.
  • The machine is designed to reduce bubble generation during the lamination process, ensuring a smooth and clear finish on the repaired screens.
  • It supports the lamination of mobile device screens up to 7 inches, making it compatible with a wide range of devices including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and more.
Details of the KO-No1 Machine

Specifications of the KO-No.1

Power Supply: AC220V (Optional AC110V, AC220V)
Lamination Type: Flat pressing
Efficiency: 30 seconds per piece
Heating Mode: Constant temperature heating
Applicable Size: ≤9 inches LCDs
Equipment Size: 310 x 310 x 430 mm
Net Weight: 35 kg
Power: 500W

Additional Information

The machine requires an external vacuum pump and compressor for optimal operation.
It is a cost-effective equipment designed specifically for repair stores, ensuring efficient and high-quality screen repairs.

Details of the KO-No1 Machine 1

FAQs About KO-NO1

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