PG-OneS Laser Separation Machine


Experience unparalleled efficiency with the PG-OneS laser separation machine, equipped with an integrated mini-computer. Simply power on, connect your mouse and keyboard, and embark on a seamless repair journey.

PG-OneS Laser Machine Features:

  1. Integrated Computer: Built-in mini-computer for easy setup and use.
  2. Accurate Data: Ensures precise repairs without phone damage.
  3. Updated Drawings: Real-time access to the latest phone drawings.
  4. Autofocus: One-key auto focus function.
  5. Safety & Speed: High-speed system with a safe laser wavelength.

M-Triangel PG-OneS Laser Machine

The M-Triangel PG-OneS Laser Separation Machine is a super-powerful laser machine equipped with an integrated mini-computer. The primary purpose of the PG-OneS is to assist in phone repair, particularly in the separation and replacement of back glass covers.

Benefits of the MTriangel PG-OneS Machine

  • High Efficiency: The machine uses a high-speed magnetic induction motor control scanning system, ensuring both high accuracy and speed.
  • Safety: The laser used in the machine has a safe wavelength, posing no harm to the human body.
  • Simple Operation: With its built-in computer, users can easily follow instructions and complete back glass replacements with just a few clicks.
  • Marking Support: The machine can engrave and mark various metal materials, including gold, silver, and aluminum.
  • Automatic Updates: The drawing system updates automatically as new phone models are released.
  • No Disassembly Required: Users don’t need to disassemble the phone to remove the broken back cover glass, making repairs more straightforward.
  • Wide Compatibility: The machine supports various cell phone models, including brands like iPhone, Samsung, and Oneplus.
Advantages of M-Triangel PG-OneS Laser Machine

Specifications of the PG OneS

Model PG-OneS
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Machine Power 120W
Laser Power 8W/20W
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Maximum Marking Range 175*175 mm
Packing Size 68*68*36CM
Packing Weight 46KG
Using Range For phone repair and laser engraving
Detailed Introduction Of PG-OneS

FAQs About PGOneS

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Weight 45 kg


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